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Everest Venture Capital

Everest Venture Capital has always been committed to its vision of investing in 100 world-class high-tech firms. Founded by Mr. XIAO Jiancong and his team in September 2007, the company now has a 140-strong workforce. Due to the founding team’s persistent efforts, it has over RMB 7 billion in assets under management. In 2019, Everest was awarded the “Top 10 Institutional Investors in Advanced Manufacturing of the Year”, and in 2018, it was awarded the “Top 10 Most Active Private Equity Investment Institutions of the Year”, and the “Top 50 Best Venture Capital Institutions in China of the Year”.

Everest Venture Capital is dual-headquartered in Beijing and Shenzhen, and invests across the Chinese mainland. So far, the company has invested in over 150 companies, with a focus on high-tech fields such as high-end equipment, new materials, bio-pharmaceuticals and the new generation of information technology. It has invested in many leaders of their respective industry segments, such as Montage Technology (688008.SS), ArcSoft Corporation (688088.SS), Tianyishangjia New Material (688033.SS), DBAPPSecurity (688023.SS), UBTECH Robotics, Insta360, CloudMinds, Yovole Networks and Tianjin Deepinfar Ocean Technology. The company has always adhered to the concept of value investment, by carefully selecting investment targets and paying attention to long-term returns. It also adheres to the business philosophy of “three highs and one low”, that is, high customer satisfaction, high employee income, high shareholder returns and low overall corporate costs. Everest Venture Capital not only provides financial support for founders of the invested businesses, but also has founded the Everest University to help them seek out the “road” to excellent corporate management.

XIAO Jiancong

Chairman of Everest Venture Capital

Message from Founder

Dear partners:

In 2019, four technology enterprises invested by us listed successfully on the Science and Technology Innovation (STAR) Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange – namely, Montage Technology, ArcSoft Corporation, Tianyishangjia New Material and DBAPPSecurity. What kind of enterprises will we invest in in the future?

The answer is leading technology enterprise that create the best products.

The uniqueness of Everest lies in the combination of “technology, management and capital” .

We will use the power of management to help the growth of technology enterprises.

Everest will always thank investors and protect their investment safety and interests, which is our inherent mission.

Everest longs for talents, but we know that true talents come from within the enterprise and from the environment in which teams learn from and inspire each other in the creation process. Our entrepreneurial passion has remained strong for 12 years.

The year 2020 is bound to be a fruitful year. Let’s continue to write legends.

12 years of development


Four companies invested by Everest listed successfully on the STAR Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


Invested in 25 high-tech businesses who are leaders in their respective sub-sectors.


Awarded the honor of “Top 20 Venture Capital Institutions in China” by Zhongguancun Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (ZVCA); pulled out 26 funds successfully upon expiration.


Everest placed its Greater Bay area headquarters in Shenzhen. Driven by the twin engines in Shenzhen and Beijing, the company invests across the mainland.


Included in the “Top 10 Most Visionary Institutional Investors at the NEEQ Board” by the China Enterprise News, and in the “Top 50 China-based Venture Capital Institutions” by the Zero2IPO Group.


Founded the “Everest University” , providing startup founders with training on corporate management on a basis of one round per month.


Launched the “Everest 100 Top-class Enterprises Plan” , setting the development goal of identifying and supporting 100 world-class great companies.


The first domestic venture capital company to build up a considerable NEEQ portfolio, invested in over 10 quality NEEQ-listed companies.


Moved in the Zhongguancun PE (SOHO) Building, focused on Beijing and ranked among the top-tier institutions in Beijing by number of projects, established the venture capital institutions's investment alliance.


Involved deeply in invested companies and carried out empowering investment management


Formed the closed loop management model of “fund-raising, investing, management, and exit” , and started taking investment in technology as the direction


Against the background of the global financial crisis, Everest launched its first limited partnership venture capital fund. It also held a meeting of board secretaries of NEEQ-listed companies. The company is one of the first venture capital institutions to pay attention to the investment opportunities of the NEEQ market.


Everest Venture Capital was founded, with the commitment to guiding our clients to financial freedom through our equity investment.