Proton and Melting Pot


“Proton” is a brand-new product created by the Everest University. By his approach, Steve Jobs redefined entrepreneurs and management. We turn the energy source of his thoughts into easy-to-understand micronized products. Let Jobs empower you directly.

Protons contain energy, are indivisible, and penetrate everything.

The proton product takes the form of 6 minutes of speech and a 1000-word article, which are delivered to you via the Everest’s WeChat public account.

Melting Pot

The team of management experts at Everest University is a melting pot. Through interaction and communication, they have a clash of thought with entrepreneurs, stimulate ideas, identify real problems, and propose breakthrough ideas to help companies grow.

The melting pot collects energy, ignites thoughts, and inspires.

The melting pot products are in the form of on-site communication, regular activities, and problem discussions. We will come to you or meet you at the Everest University.