Introduction to Everest University

Everest University was established in 2014. So far, it has launched 50 rounds of courses, more than 50 well-known entrepreneurs, investors, experts and scholars have taught here, and over 300 business founders and executives have taken lessons at the university.

Beijing - Everest University

Shenzhen - Everest University

Over the past five years, Everest University has cultivated nearly 100 top-ranked companies in their respective sub-sectors, including 35 companies whose recent valuation exceeded RMB 1 billion yuan. According to preliminary statistics, among the companies whose executives took lessons at Everest University, 17 either already listed or were planning for an IPO in capital markets such as Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Board, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange ChiNext Board, the NYSE, the NASDAQ, and the HKEx in 2019. Through Everest University’s empowering teaching and post-investing management, the companies have obtained a leading position in chips, robotics, high-end equipment manufacturing, IT, artificial intelligence and other fields, and have made new progress in market share, R&D investment ratio, and net profit. These have also helped Everest maintain its leading position in technology venture capital, and continue to find better-quality potential projects through research.

Adhering to our belief of “combing technology, management and capital”, Everest helps our invested enterprises to become the mainstay of China’s scientific and technological strength by continuously providing valuable service and using management to enable technology firms.

Message from Mr. XIAO Jiacong, Honorary President of Everest University

It is our mission to promote the growth of technology companies with management.

What is truly valuable management for technology companies? Jobs was like a lightning bolt that killed most of the management theories of the past in an instant. Jobs provided us with valuable clues: Provide excellent products and build a perennial company. This is the most difficult, yet most valuable aspect about building up an enterprise.

Therefore, Everest University focuses on two core tasks: inspiring entrepreneurs to continue to innovate and creating excellent products and assisting enterprises to establish powerful organizations and forming collaborative teams. We believe that the beautiful combination of technology, management and capital will create a group of outstanding new-generation technology companies.

Everest Venture Capital has always been on this road, treading forward with you!

Mr. GUO Wei, Dean of the School of Management of Everest University

He holds a PhD from Renmin Business School, serves as chief expert of Center for Management Research, China Institute of Marine Technology & Economy, and is the author of New Organization Design, Management Cases of Large Enterprise Organizations, A Panoramic Case of Toyota Marketing, How Management Works, and Reflections on Barnard Organization Theory. He has a strong interest in thought-provoking basic theories, especially the Barnard Organization Theory. He once provided consultive services for Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiangnan Shipbuilding Group, CSSC Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd., Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., CNOOC Shenzhen Branch, Beijing Light Industry Group, Beijing Sinoma Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Sinopec Oilfield, Beijing Enlight Media, Beijing Shuanggao Talent Center, PetroChina Natural Gas Pipeline Company, Tencent Games, AVIC Beijing Cloud Lake Resort and other companies.