Ram Charan

Ram Charan is one of the most respected management consulting gurus in the view of former GE president Jack Welch.

He taught at Harvard Business School for several years after graduating with an MBA degree; in 1969, he received a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from Harvard Business School. Author of Execution, Leadership Pipeline and Know-How: The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform from Those Who Don't, etc., he has served as an adviser to senior executives at dozens of the world’s Top 500 companies in the past 50 years, including GE, DuPont, Ford Motor, Bank of America, Intel, Citigroup, etc. He has been called the “ultimate brain truster” by entrepreneurs.

PENG Jianfeng

Chief Partner and Chairman of ChinaStone Management Consulting Group
Professor at Renmin University of China

He has been engaged in research on human resources management and corporate culture for a long time and enjoys a high reputation in the Chinese business community. He has been successively employed as senior management consultant for Huawei, TCL Group, Liuhe Group, Hunan Zhenghong Science and Technology, and ENN Group, etc., and has led experts’ teams to provide management consulting for dozens of well-known enterprises


Holds a PhD in economic law from Renmin University of China

He has long been engaged in the research and practice of investment and financing of SMEs, focusing on exploring the development laws and risk prevention and control measures of startups.

BAO Zheng

Professor at Renmin Business School
Doctoral supervisor

He has been committed to research and consultation in the fields of strategic management, marketing, organizational transformation, and human resources management. He has created many classical cases in China’s corporate management consulting field, such as “Huawei Basic Law” and “TCL: Fighting Scale with Speed”. He is a famous corporate management consulting expert in China