2019.10.30Lixiangguoji Tower, Haidian District, Beijing

Quickly Grasp the Top-level Wisdom of Negotiation

Course background:
Everything is for your use in the negotiation process. This course uncovers the wisdom of negotiation from the momentum, the values, the guidelines, the specific methods and the tools of negotiation. These five concepts will help you see easily through anything.

Course Outline:
1. The Momentum of Negotiation, 2. The Values of Negotiation, 3. The Guidelines of Negotiation, 4. The Specific Methods of Negotiation, 5. The Tools of Negotiation, 6. The Wisdom of Negotiation

Lecturer profile:
Mr. LI Ligang
A negotiation expert invited three times by the U.S. Embassy in China, a member of the Experts’ Group of the China Enterprise Construction Program, a marketing negotiation consultant for Sohu.com, and a regular guest at the China National Radio. Also a guest in long-term cooperation with the Shanghai Yicai Media Group and Ningxia Satellite TV’s program “No Free Lunch”.